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How Much Do You Charge?
We want to work with YOUR budget.  Let us know if you have a specific budget and we will work out something.  We have a wide range of prices and each price is specific to the type of entertainment package we will create for you.  It is best to meet with us to determine what package would be best and we can give you an exact quote.

Can I Come Watch You Perform?
In short, no. The reason why is each event is considered private.  Any "outside" guests would be an invasion of the client's privacy.  Please understand that not allowing visitors is to respect every client's privacy and the privacy of their event.  The ONLY exception to this is if we are performing at a public event, i.e. an outdoor market.

How Much Should I Budget For My DJ?
You will hear from many vendors that you should't skimp on their services, but it couldn't be more true in the case of DJ entertainment.  Considering that your DJ entertainment will bear the responsibility of over 80% of the success of your celebration, you can see why choosing a DJ is the wisest choice. Your wedding already looks like a million dollars, so please do not cut corners on one of the most important elements that will make your reception an unforgettable and fun experience.  

Will You Hold My Date? / Why Charge A Deposit?
In the DJ industry, our dates are our "inventory" and therefore cannot be held without a contract or retainer. Even if you need to decide which package suits you, a small retainer of as low as $250 will hold your date. The most important detail is that you secure your date with us. Then we can help you design a package that is right for you.  We accept cash, Venmo & debit/credit cards for the retainer payment.


Do You Use Contracts? 
For peace of mind, we use written contracts and conduct business professionally. We are very easy to work with and our focus is on celebration and family.

Will You Be On Time For My Reception/ Event?
Yes.  In fact, we will be early.  We will make all the arrangements for our arrival with your reception hall and we will arrive approximately two (2) hours early to set up.  Our equipment and microphones are then tested, tuned and fully equalized to the room so your first guest hears perfection.

What Kind Of Equipment Do You Use?
We only use the most reliable, professional and state-of-the-art equipment. Our "tools" are our sound and lighting systems we use to perform our job. The brands we trust are the same companies that have been providing sound and lighting for the nation's top concerts and club venues. 

What Kind Of Music Do You Have?
We carry the favorite party classics plus tunes from every era including Big Band, Motown, Disco, New Wave 80's, Classic Rock n' Roll, Alternative Rock, Top 40, R n' B, Urban, Hip-Hop, Dance, Club Music, Techno, Old School, Funk, Contemporary Christian Music and more... Check out our library on this site!  If you don't see something, please ask! We'll get it!
Keep in mind, there is only time to hear around 15-20 songs per party hour.

Is it customary to tip the DJ?
In most cases, the customer does tip the DJ, however this is not a requirement. An average tip for our DJs ranges from $50-150 although DJ typically have received both larger and smaller tips. 

We do not accept tips from guests to play songs!

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